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Passionate about the body, and its expression through movement, I was on a quest to establish a connection between various fields that I’ve been studying. After studying medicine and biology, I was looking for a more holistic approach that included the different energetic aspects of the body. At the same time, I was studying classical ballet which culminated in choreographic and artistic creations, but unfortunately also led me to injuries.


The constraint became a path towards healing.


Both physical and emotional injuries led me to my path of healing, due to a dance injury, a herniated disc in the lower back, I was bed stricken for a couple of months and traditional medicine assumed that I would never walk again.


Support precedes movement.


In an act of defiance, I fought to find alternative healing methods. In my search, I met Jiri Cumpelinik, a former dancer and movement researcher. He showed me it was possible to relearn how to move without pain by deeply reorganizing my proprioception and finding my base of support.


Relationship between dance and health.


In 2007, I joined the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science and got my Safe In Dance Teacher Certificate. This association integrates a high level of excellence in dance with a deep listening and respect of the body, alignment, as well as physical, emotional and mental health.


On the path towards freedom through a deep transformation of old patterns.


In 2010 I started my training in Pranic Healing, a type of energy healing that realigns and balances the different layers of the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). As well as reduces stress and physical or mental ailments, if left unresolved, experiences and emotional traumas can cause sickness. Therefore, I engaged in a treatment practice working with myself and others.


Movement as a means to communicate and to relate.


In 2012, I started my exploration based on the concept of sensing, feeling and action in Body Mind Centering®. Since then I’ve been deepening my knowledge in this holistic and experiential approach in order to understand, embody and express the different tissues of my body (like organs, cells, bones, fluids, muscles) and find the support of these structures in my everyday life as well as in my creative movement. Nourished by this experience, I share and teach courses and workshops as well as give individual sessions.

I am certified as a Somatic Movement Educator in BMC® and as an Infant Development Movement Educator and Practitioner in Body Mind Centering®


On my journey I continue to establish a relationship between the understanding of movement and health. Freeing up the inner movement has an impact on the visible exterior movement and hence on how we relate with the world. 


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