Breath transforms a movement into dance,
Gives it life,
Creates shapes, rhythms, volumes,
Like a tridimensional calligraphy,
A spiral that extends to the infinite.
The brush is the body that writes into space,
Inscribes a thought, an emotion into the world,
The dancer is like a poet of a poem that is constantly renewed.

Movement, flow, fluidity, beauty, aesthetics, expression of self, freedom, ease; movement is language, a gesture that voices and speaks.

Dance relates the different movements into a poem.

In dance I’m always looking for continuity of movement and to give life and breathe to a posture. Even the tiniest interior movement makes a position alive, changing it into a music note that is never standing alone for herself but always in relation with other notes to create a beautiful song.

Finding beauty, ease, fluidity in a gesture and harmony in order to express something that is beyond ourselves.

Along my career as a dancer I’ve danced in various artistic choreographies. Now I’m a free-lance dancer and express through my movement what lies in my heart.

I want dance to be more than just movement and invite the spectator to be taken into another world and partake in a sensitive way in what is happening on stage.

Ballet classes

I am certified as a Safe in Dance Teacher by IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) and give classes as well as workshops teaching ballet. As a teacher I put a lot of emphasis on organic alignment and on an efficient use of the body in motion. It is important for me to develop respect and the skill of listening to one’s body.

Movement exploration classes

As a BMC® educator I teach both classes and workshop in somatic movement.

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