One to One healing sessions

I adapt the healing approaches to the needs and expectations of each person. A session lasts one hour and can take place in person or remotely. During a holistic therapy session, I consider the person as a holistic unit and use the following tools:

– Pranic Healing

– Reorganization through touch and listening to the cellular memory

– Nonviolent communication

In a Pranic healing session there is no direct contact. I work on the chakras and the different bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Sometimes I include moments of verbal exchange, if needed.

Deep patterns are being transformed, opening up and creating new potentials.

I withdraw used energies, soothe the belief and thought systems, even those that are beyond our awareness, and free emotional blockages.

Since energy travels, the sessions can take place remotely or in person.

– Pranic Healing Session, energy healing


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Pranic Healing:

  • Strengthens the body’s natural defense system,

  • Prevents illnesses,

  • Accelerates healing,

  • Balances the physical, emotional and mental planes,

  • Enhances compassion and forgiveness,

  • Adds harmony to your professional, family or love life,

  • Gives you more self-confidence,

  • Enhances the capacity of your body to self-heal.

 º Pranic healing is a revolutionary and comprehensive technique of natural healing using prana to work on all kinds of ailments (physical, emotional, psychological). Science teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Our emotions, thoughts, traumas and past events, our convictions on money or work, condition how we live our life. This energy can be transformed, freed, and as a result change-illness into well-being, lack into abundance, stress into peace …

Pranic healing is based on two fundamental principles:

– The principle of self-healing: the innate capacity of every living being to self-heal.

– The principle of life force: the healing process can be accelerated by enhancing the pranic lifeforce in everybody.

School for Inner Studies

Master Choa Kok Sui

– Somatic  repatterning through touch and movement (BMC®)

Reorganization through touch, movement and cellular listening to the tissues – “Bodywork”

In these sessions, I use touch and movement to free the body from accumulated stress and tension. I contact the different body tissues inviting the person to become more conscious of themselves, to sense themselves more fully, and find once again a fluidity and a harmony in their organization.

The dialogue is based on deep cellular listening, on contacting and on transforming cellular memories.

Different kinds of trauma can saturate the sensory pathways and lead to dissociation and/or an inability to sense, feel and act, which might even be unconscious.

Listening to the body through hands-on, gradually reestablishes trust and invites back movement to areas that have been stuck (in a freeze response), enhances the quality of presence to oneself and to others, and opens up more options from which to choose and act.

Change is only a membrane away.
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


In order to contact the various tissue memories, I often work with embryology, which gives us a sense of where the tissues come from as well as adds fluidity.

Holistic Therapy Sessions, Pranic Healing or Bodywork are not a medical treatment. They neither replace medical diagnosis nor medical treatment.

I encourage people to continue with their medical treatment and not to stop it.

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