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During my training in Body-Mind Centering® I specialized in infant psychomotor and emotional development.

These sessions are for parents that are curious about how to support their child’s development, who have certain worries or questions, or who notice that their child might have certain difficulties. Some children experience difficulties in moving themselves, to use language, to walk, show a preferential use of the left or right side of their body …

The sessions are organized around bonding, relating and play. I look to support the bonding of the child with the caregiver, parent, and the ground. The parent is also involved in the session as the aim is to learn and to explore together and give the parents certain tools that they can take home with them.

The different subjects addressed during a session:

– Facilitate an infant and/or a parent to yield, find a yielding quality, relate to a source of support in order to bring comfort and fluidity in the organization of the body. Support precedes movement. Once babies feel safe and that there is enough support, they can move and explore the world that lies beyond their kinesphere.

– Help babies in finding ways to modulate between moments of coming back to oneself, focusing on inner sensations, moments of outer attention, and interaction with the environment.

– Play is an essential tool for babies to learn about their own body. Once the basic needs of safety are established, babies start to be playful, curious, and open to interaction. Through play and exploration, babies organize their own movement patterns:

-find their midline in order to roll, differentiate between upper and lower limbs which can be used for homologous yielding, pushing, reaching and pulling, distinguish one side from the other in order to crawl and move through space, walk on all fours, come to sitting and standing ….

Help the parent find their own comfort when they attend to their baby’s needs. For instance:

How can a young mum take care of herself while nursing?

– Where does she find her support in order to then support her child?

Questions parents ask themselves:

– Where do I find my own support?

–  How do I yield?

–  Where do babies find their support?

– What is the baby’s relationship with the ground, with space, with oneself, with their environment?

– How do I relate and interact with my baby?

I offer individual and group sessions.

Individual sessions are a special moment for the family. I observe the baby, their movement, their relationship with themselves and their environment. After a moment of observation, I might facilitate the organization of movement through speech and play. Play, interaction, yielding and bonding are crucial elements in the child’s development.

In group sessions, I welcome up to six babies with their caregivers. Each family has time to arrive fully in the space and to find their comfort. I will spend some time with each family individually. During this time the babies can interact and play together if they wish to do so. The dynamic of the class depends on the age and the needs of the participants.

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