- An exploration of the living body -

Who comes to class?

The classes are open for everybody who desires to explore, connect to themselves, relax, and find more fluidity in their body.

Artists like dancers, musicians, singers and performers, also benefit greatly from these classes, by enhancing their creativity and/or professional skills. Hence, they find more fulfilment in their artistic work.

What do you learn?

We explore the living body and its movement in a playful and educational way, opening up to a greater panel of choice and more fluidity in the different transitionary moments of life. You gain a greater under-standing/inner-standing of yourself and of your relationship with the world.

Learning on the cellular level supports sensing and feeling, leading to greater self-awareness.

This kind of learning happens underneath the nervous system, allowing the knowledge to emerge from within the cell.

Moments of communicating verbally about and from your experience are part of the integration process. Everybody has their own singular experience.

Our education is so much about remembering with our nervous system. And this is about forgetting with our nervous system and remembering with our cellular life force.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Photos by Sebastian Araujo

– The themes:

The themes explored through movement, touch, voice, somatizations, and the study of anatomical images, are very varied and address the different body systems and developmental patterns:

Muscles, bones, ligaments, fascia, cells, voice, embryology, immune system, nervous or endocrine system, primitive reflexes and righting reactions, senses and perceptions, organs and fluids.

The class can be based on exploring the relationship between the heart and the hands, the embryology of kidneys, the central nervous system, the voice as a limb, and many more.

Becoming aware of the different body parts and allowing them to express themselves is a base for being more present both to oneself and to others, and for a fluid relationship with the world that surrounds us.

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